Premiere: Benny Heyman – Get Me (Nervous Freaks Remix) | We Are Phonik

► Buy on Traxsource: ► Buy on Beatport: EP: Benny Heyman – Get Me LABEL: We Are Phonik RELEASE: 2020-04-03 CATALOG: PHONIK030 ► FOLLOW:

Premiere: K.E.N.T. – Flying Bee (Original Mix) | Feel Hype

► Buy on Beatport: EP: K.E.N.T. – Flying Bee LABEL: Feel Hype RELEASE: 2020-03-23 CATALOG: FEE058 ► FOLLOW:

Premiere: Idem Nevi – Welt (Original Mix) | Requested Soul Records

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Idem Nevi – Athena LABEL: Requested Soul Records RELEASE: 2020-03-30 CATALOG:RESO001 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: Requested Soul co-founder Idem Nevi kicks off his new label this March with this three-track offering entitled ‘Athena’ EP. Self-taught producer Idem Nevi is a melodic techno maestro who layers up heavy…

Premiere: Saint Laurent – Analogic Dreams (Original Mix) | NoiseFloor Records

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Saint Laurent – Analogic Dreams LABEL: NoiseFloor Records RELEASE: 2020-03-27 CATALOG: NF007 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: In this new NoiseFloor outcome, this two guys of Saint Laurent from Montréal release a powerfull 3 track EP with some Italo and House vibe for a deep journey.