Premiere: K.E.N.T. – Flying Bee (Original Mix) | Feel Hype

► Buy on Beatport: EP: K.E.N.T. – Flying Bee LABEL: Feel Hype RELEASE: 2020-03-23 CATALOG: FEE058 ► FOLLOW:

Premiere: Idem Nevi – Welt (Original Mix) | Requested Soul Records

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Idem Nevi – Athena LABEL: Requested Soul Records RELEASE: 2020-03-30 CATALOG:RESO001 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: Requested Soul co-founder Idem Nevi kicks off his new label this March with this three-track offering entitled ‘Athena’ EP. Self-taught producer Idem Nevi is a melodic techno maestro who layers up heavy…

Premiere: Saint Laurent – Analogic Dreams (Original Mix) | NoiseFloor Records

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Saint Laurent – Analogic Dreams LABEL: NoiseFloor Records RELEASE: 2020-03-27 CATALOG: NF007 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: In this new NoiseFloor outcome, this two guys of Saint Laurent from Montréal release a powerfull 3 track EP with some Italo and House vibe for a deep journey.

Premiere: Andrea Careddu – Sa Trinxa (Original Mix) | 3-4-1 Cuts

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Andrea Careddu – Sa Trinxa LABEL: 3-4-1 Cuts RELEASE: 2020-03-30 CATALOG: 341C20003 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: After more than a year, Andrea Careddu, underground artist based in Frankfurt, returns with a new work entitled Sa Trinxa. With his unmistakable mood, in 2019 he also gained particular attention…

Premiere: Antonio Rec – Night (Original Mix) | Baikonur Recordings

► Buy on Beatport: EP: Antonio Rec – Night LABEL: Baikonur Recordings RELEASE: 2020-03-27 CATALOG: BKN193 ► FOLLOW: ► PRESS: Italian producer and DJ ‘Antonio Rec’ delivered two hot jams to our orbit. Raw, freaky and funky tracks with classic drum stuff, acid arps, and massive basslines. Dirty and dancy tracks for…